Talks from DevConnections 2013: Advanced Debugging with WinDbg and SOS, Task and Data Parallelism, and Garbage Collection Performance Tips

October 10, 2013

I’m falling behind in documenting all my travels this fall ๐Ÿ™‚ In the beginning of the month I flew out to Vegas for IT/DevConnections, which was my second Las Vegas conference this year. I’ve been there for just 48 hours, but it was enough time to deliver three talks, meet fellow speakers, and even have a few meaningful chats with attendees about the future of .NET and production debugging techniques.

You can find my presentations below — the last couple of slides of each presentations have some additional references and books that might be useful if you want to expand your knowledge of these areas. After all, it’s very hard to truly teach WinDbg and SOS in 75 minutes, and it’s equally hard to distill a huge body of performance patterns and practices into that kind of time slot.

I am posting short links and updates on Twitter as well as on this blog. You can follow me: @goldshtn

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  1. ZOctober 14, 2013 ื‘ 4:54 PM

    I’m prepping a talk for my team on the subject of correct multi threaded models and patterns, exactly the material of your ‘Task and Data Parallelism: Real-World Examples’ talk.

    Do you have more material on the subject? Parallel design patterns and creating more correct parallel and asynchronous programs?