Building the Next YouTube: Windows Azure Media Services

May 7, 2013


My third (and last) talk at the SELA Developer Practice was about Windows Azure Media Services. If you haven’t explored it yet, it’s a SaaS offering for uploading, encoding, managing, and delivering media to a variety of devices, scaled by the power of Windows Azure. A couple of months ago this blog featured a detailed overview of one of the proof-of-concept workflows I built with Windows Azure Media Services, so I won’t repeat myself.

If you are considering Windows Azure Media Services for your own application or service, feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to help. If you’re in Israel, Microsoft Israel would also love to be a fly on the wall in our conversation ๐Ÿ˜›

I am posting short links and updates on Twitter as well as on this blog. You can follow me: @goldshtn

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  1. StasyMay 16, 2013 ื‘ 7:39 AM

    I want to ask you about how to stream encoding video? I have an console application which encoding video to the “H264 Adaptive Bitrate MP4 Set 720p” format. And I want to stream files with Smooth Streaming. What should I do?
    How can I add IIS to the project? And why IIS is needed if I have already useed the Media Services and Blobs?

  2. Sasha GoldshteinMay 20, 2013 ื‘ 8:08 AM

    @Stasy: I’m not sure I understand your situation. If you already have the encoded files, you can upload them to Media Services and have them streamed from there. This is the flow I’ve described in one of my previous posts, and that is well-explained in the Azure developer center. If you are trying to stream live media, that is not currently supported.