Announcing: SELA Developer Practice, May 5-9, 2013

January 14, 2013

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I’m very happy to announce our next conference—the biggest one yet—SELA Developer Practice, May 5-9, 2013.


This time we opened the call for papers to local and international speakers, and here are the results, in numbers:

Our last conference was record-breaking in terms of attendance, and we definitely hope to break that record again! If you live in Israel, you can take advantage of early bird registration right now, and save 33%.

I will be delivering three sessions at the SDP:

Improving .NET Performance – the time-tested full-day workshop that teaches you how to measure and improve .NET application performance, based on the Pro .NET Performance book.

Windows Azure Mobile Services – a breakout session on one of the coolest Microsoft technologies, which provides a backend for your mobile apps on all four major platforms: Windows 8, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Attacking Web Applications – a brand-new breakout session covering common attacks on web applications, including XSS, SQLi, CSRF, insecure credential storage, and many others.

In closing, I encourage you to check out the list of sessions and speakers and see for yourself: the SDP is the biggest and best developer conference in Israel.

I am posting short links and updates on Twitter as well as on this blog. You can follow me: @goldshtn

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one comment

  1. Elad BJanuary 15, 2013 ב 3:16 AM

    מטורף!! לא היה כנס כזה בארץ לידעתכם מייקרוסופט (גם לא טקהד)