BUILD 2012, SELA Is Coming!

October 27, 2012

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The BUILD conference is right behind the corner, and SELA is coming! This year we have a delegation of nine experts traveling to BUILD, some arriving earlier or staying later for additional engagements.

Here’s our lineup for this conference:

Noam Sheffer, a Senior Architect at SELA, loves gadgets and can talk to you on pretty much anything, ranging from C++ driver development to Windows Azure and Windows 8 best practices.
Read Noam’s blog
Alex Golesh, CTO of SELA Seattle, is our local representative at BUILD. Alex focuses on Windows 8 and Windows Phone development, and can offer you expert guidance on what you see announced at BUILD.
Read Alex’s blog
Ido Flatow, a Senior Architect at SELA, has spent more time away from home than in Israel during the last year. Alongside speaking at conferences, Ido is a distributed systems, WCF, Azure and ASP.NET expert.
Read Ido’s blog
Yaniv Rodenski, a Senior Consultant at SELA, would love to talk to you about distributed architecture, Azure, and Hadoop. He is also a frequent conference speaker, competing with Ido.
Read Yaniv’s blog
Alon Levi, a Consultant at SELA, has done an incredible amount of work with Windows Phone and Windows 8, and would love to share with you his recent experiences.
Bnaya Eshet, an Architect at SELA, specializes in WPF and parallel programming and loves the Reactive Extensions framework so much he wrote a visualizer for it!
Read Bnaya’s blog
image Noam Kfir, a Consultant at SELA, does most of his work around TFS and ALM, but is also an HTML5 and JavaScript pro who recently started working on Windows 8 training in these areas.
Read Noam’s blog
image Ishai Ram, VP of Training at SELA, is our “delegation manager” for this conference and would love to meet with you to discuss any business or technological needs you think we can help with.
image And finally there’s me, Sasha Goldshtein. If you read this blog, you know what I care about – please come and say hi!

You can easily identify us at BUILD by our orange shirts, so definitely feel free to come and say hi! If you’re a reader of this blog or have seen me at some opportunity, it would be really awesome to talk to you in person.

See you at BUILD!

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