DevReach 2012: Task and Data Parallelism

October 5, 2012

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Thanks for attending my DevReach session on task and data parallelism! We discussed the APIs available to you in the Task Parallel Library and how to avoid common pitfalls and squeeze performance from seemingly difficult to parallelize algorithms.



Among the topics we covered:

  • Measuring concurrency using the Visual Studio Concurrency Visualizer
  • Extracting parallelism from recursive algorithms
  • Symmetric data processing and uneven work distribution
  • Dependency management with continuations
  • Synchronization avoidance with aggregation and creative solutions
  • Lock-free patterns

You can find the slides and demos for this session here. Looking forward to seeing you at next year’s DevReach!

Of course, I can’t conclude this without a book plug: Pro .NET Performance contains a 45-page chapter on parallel programming frameworks, including a section on C++ AMP. I think you should definitely read it if you care about your managed applications’ performance.

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