Third Meeting of the Jerusalem .NET/C++ User Group

June 14, 2012

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The third meeting of the Jerusalem .NET/C++ User Group is going to be on June 24, and we’ll be shifting our focus slightly to the .NET side. We’re having Noam Sheffer talk about all the cool new features in Windows Azure with a bunch of hands-on demos, and then yours truly will talk about the implementation of generics in .NET, C++ and Java. If you’re a developer in the Jerusalem area, you really should come.

The full agenda is the following:

18:00-18:15 – Networking and Refreshments
18:15-19:15 – Hands-On With The New Windows Azure (Noam Sheffer)
19:15-19:30 – Networking and Refreshments
19:30-20:15 – Generics in .NET, C++ and Java (Sasha Goldshtein)

Hands-On With The New Windows Azure
Windows Azure, Microsoft’s cloud offering, has just undergone a significant facelift. Azure can now be used as an IaaS offering – you can host your own Windows or Linux virtual machine in the cloud. Azure supports PHP, Python, Node.js and many other programming languages and environments in its cloud services. Finally, Azure Websites, Microsoft’s web hosting solution, supports seamless updating of your cloud web app by using push from TFS or git. In this hands-on session we’ll demo as many of these features as possible.

Generics in .NET, C++ and Java
Generics are a first-class programming language construct these days, augmenting "standard" object-oriented practices. Different languages implement generics in very different ways, which affect the performance of generic code and its expressiveness. In this session we’ll take a look at the implementation of generics in .NET, C++ and Java, understand the performance implications of "true" templates versus run-time generics, and even take a quick detour into the world of template metaprogramming.

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