Slides from the First Jerusalem .NET/C++ Meeting

March 25, 2012

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Last Tuesday we hosted the first meeting of the Jerusalem .NET/C++ User Group. I forgot to take pictures, but we were a nice group of hardcore C++ developers eager to learn about the new C++ 11 features, debugging C++ code in production, and some memory management tricks relevant for C++ real-time applications.

As promised, below are the presentations from the event. My presentation on C++11 covers lambdas, auto variables, rvalue references and even touches briefly on the subject of variadic templates:


View more presentations from goldshtn.

Noam Sheffer’s presentation covers the fundamentals of debugging C++ applications in production—generating crash dumps and hang dumps, performing basic analysis in WinDbg, and inspecting memory dumps to solve more complex problems:

Finally, Vladimir Oster talked about memory management in C++ real-time applications—overloading operators new and delete, allocating from a static memory pool, using placement new correctly, and other topics. Unfortunately, I can’t share his slides online, but ping me directly if you attended the session and would like to receive a soft copy.

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