Session Materials from TechEd 2010: Performance and Debugging in Visual Studio 2010

December 5, 2010

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The TechEd is finally over. Three days of fun in sunny Eilat with 67 colleagues from Sela and lots of good friends from the industry are done.

Thanks a lot for coming to my session—Deep Dive into Performance and Debugging in Visual Studio 2010! I’m not sure when the conference website is going to have the slide decks and demo code, and I promised you a blog post full of resources and links, so here it goes.

The slides and demos can be downloaded from here. It might take a little while to figure out the IntelliTrace and Profiler Guidance extensions, so feel free to shoot me an email (through the contact form) if you need help. [Besides, I’m planning a series of posts on these topics, so I might just answer your questions here on the blog.]

image image

Here are some resources I used when doing the research for the session. They are not terribly organized, but reading them all will put you in the same frame of mind.

I hope you too found the TechEd an enjoyable experience. See you in 2012?

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