My New Desktop

June 9, 2010


After almost three years using the same desktop PC, I finally switched the whole package. With Alon’s help and recommendations I managed to come up with this spec:

This is my biggest impression from the first few days of working on this rig: an SSD is an incredible improvement. It demonstrates ever so clearly just how much I/O is the bottleneck in today’s PCs. The system boots in under 15 seconds. It takes less than a second to get a fully functional desktop from the moment I finish typing in my password at the login screen. Programs launch instantaneously—it’s as if they were never closed. This is absolutely amazing.

Some screenshots:

(Nothing too shabby, eight logical processors and eight gigs of memory.)

(The measurement was performed while the system was running and many applications were open; a clean test yielded an average transfer rate of 190 MB/s.)

(I, too, found it hard to believe, but the SSD got the lowest subscore.)

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  1. Anonymous CowardJune 11, 2010 ב 7:24 PM

    Fist of all, congratulations on the new system! Very impressive and I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun using it.

    I’m curious to know why did you opt for dual-channel 8GB RAM and not triple channel?

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