Windows 7 How-To Videos: Introduction to the Windows 7 Taskbar

March 28, 2010

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As part of our work on the Windows 7 training materials, I recorded 23 short how-to videos explaining how to use the new Windows 7 features from managed code (often using the Windows API Code Pack) and from native code. Our Sela team, including Alon, Dima, Arik, and many others, collaborated on the slide decks, demo code, and other aspects of these recordings.

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The first installment of these videos is already live on Channel 9—you can download or watch online six videos about the Windows 7 taskbar. As you might remember, the Windows 7 taskbar is one of my favorite new APIs in Windows 7, and I’ve covered it extensively in a series of posts, in an MSDN Magazine article, and in our book, Introducing Windows 7 for Developers.

Amongst the upcoming videos you’ll find an in-depth look at background services and trigger-start services; Libraries and Federated Search; an introduction to Ribbon development; and a series of videos on instrumentation (ETW, WMI, the Troubleshooting Platform, and other topics).

Here’s an index of the videos you can watch right now on Channel 9:

And here’s an index of my posts about the Windows 7 taskbar:

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