PDC 2009 Day 2: Keynote, Kurt DellBene

November 18, 2009

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[Also see part 1 – keynote by Steven Sinofsky; and part 2 – keynote by Scott Guthrie.]

The final part of the keynote was delivered by Kurt DelBene, Senior Vice President, Microsoft Corp. He talked about Office and SharePoint 2010.

A Technical Preview of Office 2010 was released several months ago (in fact, I’m using it on two of my computers already and very happy with it, including the x64 version).

As of the last two minutes, Office 2010 Beta and SharePoint 2010 Beta are available for download, as well as Windows Mobile 6.5 Office 2010 Beta clients!

Another exciting (for some people :-)) piece of news is that SharePoint 2010 is finally supported on client OSs, so there’s no need to install a server VM to develop for SharePoint. There’s also support for sandboxed solutions, which can be deployed without even being an administrator on the server.

There were also additional features demonstrated, but despite my best efforts I simply can’t get myself to focus on SharePoint and Office development 🙂

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