Introducing Windows 7 for Developers: Foreword by Mark Russinovich

November 18, 2009

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Before Mark’s session today at the PDC, I exhibited typical Israeli chutzpah while he was helping himself for some coffee, and introduced myself as one of the co-authors of Introducing Windows 7 for Developers.

Mark did us the honor of writing the book’s foreword, and he even found it useful for the Disk2vhd Sysinternals utility which creates a virtual machine hard disk from your existing physical disk – the latest release of the utility shows the operation’s progress using the Windows 7 taskbar’s capability to show a progress bar.

In Mark’s own words:

For a programming book to be worth reading in this day of instant access to online documentation and code samples, it must provide complete and coherent introductions and overviews to new concepts as well as clearly explained and straightforward code samples that are easy to reuse. Yochay, Sasha, Laurence, and Alon have delivered both in this book that’s sure to become your Windows 7 programming companion whether you program to .NET or Win32 API. I’ve started adding Windows 7 functionality to the Sysinternals tools and the description and example of how to exploit the taskbar icon’s progress display enabled me to enhance the Sysinternals Disk2Vhd tool literally in a matter of minutes. I know I’ll be turning to this as I continue to update the tools, and I’m confident you will too, as you strive to give your applications that extra edge.

Thanks Mark!

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