Windows 7 Taskbar: Window Switchers and Previews In Depth

March 20, 2009

In the previous post, we have only scratched the surface of how to provide a custom thumbnail and custom preview for an application’s window.  However, we focused on top-level windows in that post – these are the windows that DWM (Desktop Window Manager) recognizes, loves and converses with.  But what about child windows in an MDI application?  What about individual tab windows in a TDI application, like Internet Explorer? This is a completely different story, with a significantly steeper barrier of entry.  The reason is that the DWM won’t talk to child windows no matter...
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Windows 7 Taskbar: Thumbnail Clip and Custom Previews

March 6, 2009

Even without getting involved with the APIs, it’s clear that one of the most visually stunning features of the Windows 7 taskbar is the live multiple thumbnails shown for each window.  The new taskbar thumbnails are much smarter than their Vista counterparts, enabling you to preview a live rendering of the underlying window (a.k.a. Aero Peek) and to close the window without even switching to it.  (And of course there’s no need to mention the awesome thumbnail toolbars that we’ve seen in the previous post.) However, the Windows 7 taskbar thumbnails are not just smarter...
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