Typing Speed Test & Removing NVidia Context Menu Item

September 17, 2007


Everybody‘s measuring their typing speed all of the sudden, so I figured I’d post my results as well.  Note that this was typed on my laptop (Dell XPS 1210) which has a great keyboard but I still type slower than on the “broken” (split) ergonomic kind I like.

So without further ado:

Other than that, I just upgraded the drivers for my laptop’s GeForce Go 7400 card, and it appears that the NVidia drivers installation decides to insert a new Explorer context menu item on my behalf.  I could somehow live with that if it were removable, or if it only appeared when right-clicking the desktop; however, there is no UI option to remove it altogether, and it appears in every shell context menu, making it highly annoying.

It took me quite some registry lookups to find the relevant keys.  I found a relevant tip pertaining to HKCR\*\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers, but didn’t find it there.  I started looking for anything matching “nvid” or “nvidia” and, combined with using Autoruns to see the likely DLL name for that shell extension, and found an entry under HKCR\Directory\Background\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers.  Removing the NVidia entry from there eliminates the context menu item without any side-effects.

(Note that as usual, editing the registry manually is a dangerous thing; since you’re reading this blog, you probably like these dangerous things so you don’t need this warning anyway.)

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