Microsoft using a cracked version of Sound Forge 4.5?

22 ביוני 2007

So it seems... Do the following:Click "My Computer"Double click the C:/ Drive (Local Disk)Double click the "WINDOWS" folderDouble click the "Help" folderDouble click the "Tours" folderDouble click the "WindowsMediaPlayer" folderDouble click the "Audio" folderYou will then be presented with WAV files. Right click any one of these, and open it with NotePad. Scroll right to the bottom and you should see this:"2000-04-06 IENG Deepz0ne ISFT Sound Forge 4.5" The first 4 digits may alter, but everything else stays the same. Deepz0ne is a very well known cracker.   Stumbled on
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Are You Ready for 2008? C# 2.0 to C# 3.0 course

18 ביוני 2007

Following my previous post, I want to talk more about the course I am going to teach: C# 2.0 to C# 3.0   Course Description: C# 3.0 introduces several language extensions that build on C# 2.0 to support the creation and use of higher order, functional style class libraries. The extensions enable construction of compositional APIs that have equal expressive power of query languages in domains such as relational databases and XML. I will go through the 'new'(old...) futures in C# 2.0 (generics, anonymous methods,iterators,...) and while implementing (some of) the fundamentals of LINQ using C# 2.0 futures, you will begin to understand the enormous...
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Are You Ready for 2008? Experts4D bring Experts instructors to teach expert courses.

If you live in Israel and still did not hear about the coming Microsoft technologies event Are You Ready for 2008, this is the time to wake up call!. Look what Experts4D has offer and sign up for one or more of the following exclusive courses. Each course is a full day (8 hours) extreme course and led by the best of the best of the... (best!3 is easier) experts from Microsoft community in Israel. Most of the instructors are MVPs and each one of them/us is well known by the community (well, maybe not me, haha). 02 / 07 /...
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Lego Ultrasonic Radar

17 ביוני 2007

Project description:The Devantech SFR04 Ultrasonic Range Finder indicates the distance to the closest object within range. Echo’s that arrive later are received and processed, but subsequently ignored. For a true radar all signals should be taken into account. Electronics used:Devantech SFR04 Link: Ultrasonic Radar, PIC16F877 Technorati Tags: Lego
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Abracadabra origin.

Have you even wondered what is the origin for this word? I am sure this is going to be quite a shock for some of my Israeli readers. The origin is from Hebrew/Aramic - Avrei Kadaber, 'I Will create as I speak'. Via The Toughest Word game on the net. read more on Enjoy! Technorati Tags: Word game, magic
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The Internet Clipboard

Have you ever had this moment when you wanted to simply copy and paste something from one computer to another? Enter a URL that starts with example: Paste in anything you want. Some text or even a small file. Click 'Save' when done. On the other computer open a browser to the same URL. You will find the information you entered in step 2. No signup, no login. Just enter any URL that starts with That's it! Try it now! var baseURL =...
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CopySourceAsHtml now for Orcas beta 1

16 ביוני 2007

If you are not familiar CopySourceAsHtml AddIn for Visual Studio you can read about it here (This is the addin I use to post code in my blog). Since this addin does not work with Visual Studio Orcas and currently Orcas is my main development enviorment. I downloaded the source code and compiled it for Visual Studio Orcas beta 1. Visual Studio Orcas just imported the project and it was fine. You can get the installer and the source Technorati Tags: Visual Studio Orcas, Visual Studio Addins, CopySourceAsHtml
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Control.Invoke in C# 3.0 – part 2

After part 1 we can now make the code even more readable by creating Extension Method to System.Windows.Forms.Control public static class ControlExtentions {     public delegate void InvokeHandler();       public static bool SafeInvoke(this Control control, InvokeHandler handler)     {         if (control.InvokeRequired)         {             control.Invoke(handler);             return false;         }           return true;     } } Using it now will look like this: public void UpdateStatus(string status) {     if (transfer.SafeInvoke(() => UpdateStatus(status)))     {         transfer.lblStatus.Text = status;     } } The result code...
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Control.Invoke in C# 2.0 and C# 3.0

15 ביוני 2007

In C# 2.0 using anonymous methods this code will be: private delegate void InvokeHandler();   public void UpdateStatus(int currentFile, string status) {     if (transfer.InvokeRequired)     {         transfer.Invoke(new InvokeHandler( delegate() {             UpdateStatus(currentFile,status);         }));         return;     }       // Do your stuff safe. } I really hates the way it looks with anonymous method. In C# 3.0 this code looks much better:  private delegate void InvokeHandler();   public void UpdateStatus(int currentFile, string status) {     if (transfer.InvokeRequired)     {         transfer.Invoke(new InvokeHandler(() => UpdateStatus(currentFile,status)));         return;     }...
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