Expose and Consume a Web API service

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

When we say we want to build a Web API we have in our mind to build a service that will expose the data in a clean way that every device will be able to address in order to use the data.In this post I will do just that. I have built a service that retrieves some products and together in this post we will build a client that will use this data. I will build the client using Angular framework. Let`s get started. Open a new empty web project with no authentication and no need for azure service at the...
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Add a new controller and view in ASP.NET 5

Sunday, January 24, 2016

In this post we will add a new page to our web site. We will need to define a new model to bring the data from the database, a new controller to that will ready the data to be displayed in our view, and of course a new view to display our data. Most of this will be done almost completely automatically using the visual studio. The content we will display in our new page will be courses from our favorite school Hogwarts. Let us start by adding a new model named Course. Right click the Model folder and add a class named Course....
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Getting started with ASP.NET MVC

Monday, January 18, 2016

The ASP.NET MVC is an open-source framework built by Microsoft over the ASP.NET framework. It`s main goal was to allow the users to use the MVC design pattern in ASP.NET based web sites. The MVC design pattern gives separation between three parts: Model – the business layer of the application. View – the view layer of the application. Knows only the data returned from the Controller. Controller – generates views based on input from the model. Only the controller know both the view and the model. The connection between the view and the controller is done by the routing mechanism.The view engine used...
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יכולות חדשות ב- Visual Studio

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

יכולות חדשות ב- Visual Studio הורדתי היום את Visual Studio 2015 עם המון ציפיות. אחרי השיפורים שהגיעו ביחד עם הגרסה הקודמת של Visual Studio 2013 זה עשה לי תיאבון, וחיכיתי בקוצר רוח לראות מה יקרה עכשיו. השינויים והחידושים בהחלט ענו על הציפיות, והן ממש לא היו נמוכות. יכולות חדשות ב- Visual Studio רפרנסים כולנו מכירים את כלי העזר לפיתוח שנקרא Resharper ואת היכולות המדיהמות שלו. אחד היעדים של שימוש בכלים מסוג זה הינו קוד נקי ומסודר וכך זה השימוש ביכולת של Remove Unused References. זה הגיע ל- Visual Studio. בצילום מסך אנו יכולים לראות כי יש לנו רפרנסים אשר...
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