JavaScript linters


I`m rather new to front-end development, I only began touching it about a year ago on a great project which I learned a lot from it. I got to know closely to jQuery, ASP.NET MVC, I got to use external tools like kendo which are nice. But the main downside of my work is that I don`t have people around me to ask so the progress is slow, and I only learn from need, not also from looking at real projects and how they are being built. Today I listened to a great video from "Coding Tech" channel on YouTube,...
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I needed to read more than one article on webhooks in order to fully understand what webhooks are all about. It shouldn`t be!I`m going to try and give here the simplest explanation I can for what webhooks are all about and why you need them. I will also give a small code sample, and last, I will direct you to a good place to try out for your-self to write and use webhooks. Alright, so what are webhooks? Basically they are a simple website URL, which when addressed to it does some job. An easier concept to understand is a...
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The actor model and introduction to Orleans project


In the last post the focus was about the Akka.Net framework which is based on the Actor model. In this post I will talk about what is the actor model in the first place and what is it good for. I will also show a code sample which is a bit more complex than last post.  What is the actor model? From Wikipedia, we have the actor model in computer science since 1973 (I haven`t been around yet back then) and its main use is to help us implement concurrent systems. The actor model is built as a single process unit,...
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Introduction to Akka


A few days ago I was in a Big-Data and Open-Source conference hosted by Sela Group.Among the lectures I`ve attended was one that caught my eye on the architecture we can build using Akka. It is an Open-Source project build originally for the JVM environment and now also for the .Net framework. I`ll explain a bit on what it gives us and why should we use it, and I will also show a simple code of usage. This project is based on the Actor model, where each model is responsible for its children. It is responsible for creating the children,...
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ASP.NET HTTP Error 404.17 Not Found and HTTP status 405: method not allowed


Long time no post. I had a special task these last few days. We have a working application using ASP.NET on .Net framework 2.0 and we were in the process of finishing the test on the new .Net 4.0 version of the application. I was requested for easy landing to setup a side website on the production server so we can test it live. In order to make everything more complex we have in our application a 3rd party http handler which requires the application pool to be in classic mode. So I published the .Net 4.0 website and got our .aspx...
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CORS on a Node.js server – send data


In last post I showed you to open your REST service for everyone to collect data out of it. I n this post I will show you how easy it is also to allow external origin to send data to your service. It is as simple as the last post with just one line. The scenario for this this requirement is fairly simple, you have a REST service which externalize CRUD operations for some data. e.g. a book collection where you can add new books, update, remove, etc. If we return to our middleware function, we need to add just one...
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CORS on a Node.js server


In the last post I showed you how to start a new REST project with a Node.js server and Express framework. Doing just this will not do all the work needed if you plan to expose the service to other origins or let external users use it. You need to allow CORS just like I did in this post on a .Net REST service. The Express framework gives you a way to allow CORS very easily to your REST service using its middleware abilities. A middleware is just a function (or a set of functions which run one after the...
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Start using Node.js with Express framework and MongoDB


In this post I`ll talk about Node.js, what it is and what is it good for. I will also talk about how to use the Express framework to leverage the use of Node.js, and I will demonstrate also the use of MongoDB to give you code samples for a fully working server application. Node.js So what is Node.js? Node.js is a runtime environment built on Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. It is used to basically run JavaScript files without the need for a browser as a middleman. That said, we can now do amazing things using the power of JavaScript on...
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AngularJS basic concepts and getting started


Today I will be talking about AngularJS, what it is and what is it good for. I will cover the basics for create a simple web application with AngularJS and in later posts we will grow together in order to build better and better applications. Before we start building anything, we should go over some basic concepts. What is Angular? AngularJS is an open source web application framework maintained by Google engineers and by the community. It allows the developer to build and maintain S.P.A. (Single Page Applications) easily. It provides the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, thus allowing the application to be...
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DependencyInjection the ASP.NET Core 1.0 way


In the last post about DependencyInjection I demonstrated how to get from NuGet the unity framework and how to use it in our project. In ASP.NET Core 1.0 we have support for DependencyInjection already build in. The build-in mechanism is abstracted via the IServiceProvider interface and is available throughout all component of the ASP.NET framework, making it easy for us to resolve everything everywhere. As always, we have several methods of registering types in the service provider. Instance – The same instance is resolved each time it is called.In this method you have to create the instance once yourself. Transient - The...