WCF Tips: Achieving High Performance. List of Key Design Decisions and Tuning Parameters

יום חמישי, יולי 3, 2008

When working with WCF especially when middle-tier client applications uses Windows Communication Foundation, you sould always think about performance and take some major design decisions and tuning parameters. WCF client not generated as a proxy via SvcUtil.exe (Relevant more in .NET 3.0. In .NET 3.5 major performance improvement was made on WCF proxy creation). Client shares service contract and schema (model classes as data contract). Cache WCF proxy as a static member One instance, once instance only, ever Still thread-safe based on WCF under-the-covers network connection pool managementChannels created directly via ChannelFactory Hidden static channel exposed as a property Getter/Setter logic does all initialization/abort/recreation as necessary Maintains clean...