CultureInfo.GetCultures High CPU and Memory problems under ASP.NET application with High Traffic

יום שלישי, פברואר 7, 2012

Hi,I would like to share a problem I found when working with the class: CultureInfo.GetCultures on ASP.NET application that has high traffic. It look like the implementation of CultureInfo.GetCultures does not appropriate written to ASP.NET or there is a bug in code that cause to a High CPU peeks (80%-100% CPU peeks). If you need to use this code on your ASP.NET application I would recommend to wrap the code inside a static object and not use the .NET CultureInfo.GetCultures.  Rotem
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שאלה לתותחי SQL ו-DATABASE

יום שני, נובמבר 15, 2010

שלום לכולם, יש לי שאלה לכול מומחי ה-SQL ו-DATABASE והשאלה היא: רציתי לדעת מה הגישה המקובלת והמומלצת יותר היום לעבודה עם DATABASE שאמור להיות עמוס מבחינת גישות SQL ונתונים (נגיד DB כמו של פייסבוק או אמזון). 1. האם לעבוד ב-DB שונים לכול שירות? כלומר: DB למשתמשים, DB למוצרים, DB להזמנות וכו'... ככה אין כמעט JOIN אבל יש לחבר את התוצאות מהשירותים השונים במקרה שיש צורך ב-JOIN. 2. האם בכול זאת עדיף לעבוד עם DB אחד לבצע JOIN שיכולים להיות מורכבים ורק להפריד את הנתונים ל-DB שונים לפי לוגיקה מסויימת 3. האם יש גישה אחרת מומלצת   ברור לי כמובן שיש לעבוד עם מנגנוני CACHE כדי למנוע גישות ל-DB כמה שאפשר אבל...

Compress and Consolidation of JavaScript and CSS files for .NET

יום ראשון, אוקטובר 12, 2008

Hi, There is cool open source project in codeplex called: Javascript and CSS Consolidation for ASP.NET that give infrastructure for compress and consolidation JS and CSS files for ASP.NET application. Project Description A library for ASP.NET that provides an easy way to consolidate external javascript and css files. The primary goals for this project are:* Make the development environment mirror production as much as possible (e.g. files should be consolidated in all environments including the local dev box)* Allow the developer to organize their scripts and styles in as many files as they please without compromising on performance* Make the process seemless for...

Performance Tips for ASP.NET Applications

יום ראשון, אוגוסט 17, 2008

I collect some important performance tips for ASP.NET Applications and decide to write a post on it, because I think this topic is very important for ASP.NET developers. Cache Aggressively: There are several features and tools in ASP that you can make use of to gain performance. Output Caching - Specified using the <@% OutputCache %> directive. Duration—Time item exists in the cache VaryByParam—Varies cache entries by Get/Post params VaryByHeader—Varies cache entries by Http header VaryByCustom—Varies cache entries by browser Override to vary by whatever you want: Fragment Caching—When it is not possible to store an entire page (privacy, personalization, dynamic content), you...

Tune your .NET Application that suffer from contention, poor performance, and deadlocks

יום שלישי, יולי 29, 2008

Hi, If you develop .NET application that uses: CLR thread pool You have available CPU cycles Your application performs I/O bound operations such as calling a Web method or accessing the file system The ASP.NET Applications/Requests In Application Queue performance counter indicates that you have queued requests If you are unsure whether your application is using the CLR threat pool you can check as follows. Your application may be using the CLR thread pool if any of these conditions is true: Your application makes Web service calls. Your application uses the WebRequest or HttpWebRequest classes to make outgoing Web requests. Your application explicitly queues...