Visual Source Safe Tip: Open VSS 2005 client without enter user name and password

12 בינואר 2009


If you want to set VSS (Visual Source Safe) 2005 client default user name and password without type them all the time, you have to do the following steps:
1) right click on VSS 2005 client icon
2) select properties
3) on the "target" at the end add your desire user name and pssword as follow:
So you target shuold look like something like:
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual SourceSafe\ssexp.exe" -YMyUser,123456.

This will open your source safe client with current user without opening the user password screen.

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  1. Roger22 ביוני 2009 ב 18:11

    Short and sweet…thanks! Works great out of my RadDock bar.

  2. Catherine4 באוגוסט 2009 ב 9:35

    Thanks for the useful tip.

    Also, you can check "Use network name for automatic user log in" at VSS Admin Tools->Options to use the current logon user to log in VSS.

    Catherine Sea