Compress Your JavaScript files using JSMin

9 בנובמבר 2008

Hi All,

One of the main rule in order to improve your aspx page load time, is to reduce its page size.

One of the recommendation is to use *js files and compress them and save them to one js file on production.

Well Douglas Crockford wrote JSMin in C# for the .NET users.

JSMin – is a filter which removes comments and unnecessary whitespace from JavaScript files. It typically reduces filesize by half, resulting in faster downloads. It also encourages a more expressive programming style because it eliminates the download cost of clean, literate self-documentation.

You can download JSMin C# version from here.

In order to check that the js file is valid after JSMin it is suggested that JSLint be used before using JSMin.

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  1. TheKid10 בנובמבר 2008 ב 6:05

    Very useful…thanks