Microsoft Web Deployment Tool – Beta 1

29 באוקטובר 2008

Hi, The Microsoft Web Deployment Tool (msdeploy.exe) is a command-line tool that enables you to synchronize or migrate Web sites or Web servers. It can be used with Information Services (IIS) version 6.0 on Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 or IIS 7.0 on Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2008. It can be used to accomplish the following tasks:  1. Migrate your Web server or a single Web site from IIS 6.0 to an IIS 7.0 server. 3. Sync your Web server or a single Web site from IIS 7.0 to another IIS 7.0 server.  3. Sync your Web server or a single Web site from IIS 6.0 to another...
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.NET Validation Framework For: WPF, ASP.Net, Windows Forms, ASP.Net MVC and web services

There is a great open source project on codeplex: .NET validation framework. This project apply reusable and customizable validation rules to properties, methods, and parameters in your business objects. Works with WPF, ASP.Net, Windows Forms, ASP.Net MVC and web services.(This library is written in C# but can be consumed by any .net assembly)Requires: .net Runtime 3.0. I really recommend to use this framework it is very strong and easy to use. Want to read more? here is the link to codeplex: .NET Validation Framework. I really wants to see your comments on this project, I use it on my ASP.NET applications.

Did you know .NET DEVPATH environment variable??

28 באוקטובר 2008

Hi All, Did you ever want that .NET will look your .NET assemblies on path you can control on. well there is a way to do it by using DEVPATH. Developers might want to make sure that a shared assembly they are building works correctly with multiple applications. Instead of continually putting the assembly in the global assembly cache during the development cycle, the developer can create a DEVPATH environment variable that points to the build output directory for the assembly. Read more How to: Locate Assemblies by Using DEVPATH.
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Compress and Consolidation of JavaScript and CSS files for .NET

12 באוקטובר 2008

Hi, There is cool open source project in codeplex called: Javascript and CSS Consolidation for ASP.NET that give infrastructure for compress and consolidation JS and CSS files for ASP.NET application. Project Description A library for ASP.NET that provides an easy way to consolidate external javascript and css files. The primary goals for this project are:* Make the development environment mirror production as much as possible (e.g. files should be consolidated in all environments including the local dev box)* Allow the developer to organize their scripts and styles in as many files as they please without compromising on performance* Make the process seemless for...

Restore the Show desktop icon

7 באוקטובר 2008

Hi, Did you ever lost your "Show Desktop" icon and didnot know how to restore it.   Well there is a nice script you can run from: Start --> Run window. Just type regsvr32 /n /i:U shell32.dll   Your Show Desktop icon will return :-). (If you still don't see the icon, close the "Quick Lunch" toolbar and open it again)   Well pretty nice don't you think?
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