Upcoming events: Øredev, SDP and the Windows Azure/Web Developers Communities Holidays special

16 בספטמבר 2012

As always, September is a very special time for me. This year, in addition to my b-day and the Jewish high holidays September marks the beginning of a very intensive period, packed with both public events and very special projects. So without farther ado here are the events that have been keeping me busy lately:


Windows Azure Community Israel

The first thing in my very busy calendar is the Windows Azure/Web Developers Communities Holidays special which is going to take place in the Microsoft R&D center in Herzliyya. The meeting is taking place thanks to the great help of the guys at the Windows Azure Accelerator program that helped us greatly and provided us with an alternative venue while the Microsoft Raanana office is closed for the holidays. As you know we are devoted for helping the developer community in Israel (with a passion for windows azure) and feel that the Windows Azure Accelerator program is a great platform to introduce to our groups.

We are also very excited about the session for this meeting, Ken Egozi (who you might remember from the ALT.NET group) is visiting Israel and is going to talk about the project he was recently working on: Windows Azure Mobile Services.


After this excitement (and a short vacation) I am going to give a couple of sessions myself, the first one is going to be in Malmö Sweden, where I am going to speak in Øredev, about two of my favorite topics: Hadoop and Windows Azure all wrapped up in one session.


The next couple of sessions are going to be in Sela's own SDP. Where I am going to give two fully booked one day tutorials along side Ido Flatow titled HTTP Fundamentals using ASP.NET Web API and I am very excited about these sessions as well.

I hope for another few sessions to pop-up, but for now I guess I should go back to work.

So Shana Tova everyone and see you soon.

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