What happens in Vegas…

14 באפריל 2011

I was woken up tonight by the sounds of Ido and Gil getting ready for their live interview on the Sela College Channel. And let me tell you, it was a slippery slippery slope from there on. I was forced to wait behind the scenes since the main view behind the guys was my bed. The result was quite a funny session with me participating off-screen. If you saw the session, here is how it looked behind the scenes: ...
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There's nothing like a job well done

Today @ MIX Ido and I got some very good news. The first part of our work for the HPC Azure Burst training kit was released today for download by Microsoft. Oh and we got a Kinect. The document released provides on overview of the architectural considerations for using Azure compute nodes as a part of your cluster. There is a lot of work still ahead of us and we will kick out some very cool content on MSDN (and cooler stuff on our blogs ) so stay tuned. Yaniv

Understanding HPC SOA application

10 באפריל 2011

As server developers, we are used to a certain level of interactivity. Our services get a request and often return some kind of response. Lately I found myself justifying having HPC batch jobs. It’s sometimes hard to grasp that classic HPC programs, like the Human Genome Project, rendering a full feature 3D animation movie, or simply operating a “civilian purposes” nuclear reactor, take a long time. And when you execute such programs for days, weeks, months, etc., interactivity is not even a consideration. Batch jobs are the very essence of classic HPC applications. Still, Microsoft is trying...
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