Accessing Form Header Web Resource

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Although this Help article states that with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016/Online “You can’t include a web resource in a form header or footer”, you certainly can. Sadly, form Footer Web Resource no longer display any content (as it did in version 2015). Form header displays content correctly, but adding it will spread the header fields all over the form width. If you are ok with the UI, you might want to access the header Web Resource programmatically via JavaScript. Maybe when a form attribute value changes, the Web Resource content should change dynamically. Unlike header attributes, which can...
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Customization Aware Web Resource – Part 3

Monday, April 4, 2016

In the previous post I demonstrated an implementation of the Customization Aware Web Resource approach using SOAP to retrieve metadata. In this post, I’ll demonstrate a similar implementation, this time using Web API.You can download an unmanaged solution containing the working sample code presented in this post. Note that this is a different solution version from the one made available in the previous post. Why should you use Web API instead of SOAP? Here are some of the reasons which importance rise as your implementation scales up: Reducing network traffic: compared to SOAP, REST requests are...