Executing Web API Calls from Flow/Logic Apps

Thursday, November 22, 2018

While writing my previous post regarding Flow as a scheduling mechanism,  I stumbled across this post demonstrating how to execute Web API calls from Flow. Why would you want to execute Web API calls from Flow/Logic Apps?While Microsoft Flow/Logic Apps support basic Dynamics 365 operations, there are many missing functions that can simplify common integration scenarios between these platforms: executing Custom Actions, triggering Processes, handling metadata and issuing complex queries. Some of these problems can be worked around using the Command Pattern, but using the Web API from within Flow/Logic Apps provides a simple and powerful integration mechanism.   ...
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Big Promise: 2011 SOAP Endpoint Silent Retire

Monday, December 18, 2017

I noticed the following note in the developer guide article. This note embodies big promise for many organizations that are currently planning or actually migrating from version 2011 (and up) to version Dynamics 365, as it removes (or at least dramatically postpones) a big chunk of work required to migrate code that uses the 2011 SOAP endpoint to use Web API endpoint.  In typical enterprise level projects (versions 2011 to Dynamics 365) the 2011 SOAP Endpoint (a.k.a OrganizationService) is heavily used in Plug-ins, Custom Workflow Activity components, external application integration and even client side code. For organization...
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MSCRM 2016 Admin Utility – Personal Views Manager

Monday, April 11, 2016

You may have noticed that even under the almighty System Administrator Security Role, you can’t view (nor edit, share, assign or delete) other users Personal Views. Well, that’s what personal means. Via the application UI, only the view owner can manage it. This restriction can be troubling in some scenarios: A user who shared his Personal Views with other users or teams has left the organization and now no one can edit or delete these views which are irrelevant or just annoying A user has defined and shared a resources hungry Personal View which execution make the...

Customization Aware Web Resource – Part 3

Monday, April 4, 2016

In the previous post I demonstrated an implementation of the Customization Aware Web Resource approach using SOAP to retrieve metadata. In this post, I’ll demonstrate a similar implementation, this time using Web API.You can download an unmanaged solution containing the working sample code presented in this post. Note that this is a different solution version from the one made available in the previous post. Why should you use Web API instead of SOAP? Here are some of the reasons which importance rise as your implementation scales up: Reducing network traffic: compared to SOAP, REST requests are...

Web API: Executing Custom Action via JavaScript

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Custom Action is an important tool in Microsoft Dynamics CRM architect belt. Here are some of the Custom Action key features: It can be called from both client & server side, enabling the SPoI approach (Implement once, consume anywhere) Supply a flexible, declarative business logic definition mechanism which can be called from other Processes as well as from custom code (unlike Plug-in) Can be extended with Custom Workflow Activities Can receive input parameters and return output parameters in a straight forward manner, similar to an Organization level Web Service Why would you want to...