Why Should You Always Debug with the Plugin Registration Tool

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I have written posts on how to debug with the Plugin Registration Tool (PRT) and the PRT features in the past. Working mainly with Online deployments lately, I gathered some insights I would like to share here. First, some facts: Debugging Online deployed Custom Workflow Activities (CWA) with the PRT is currently impossibleThis is sad, because there is no method to debug Online CWA with Visual Studio. The PRT is certainly purposed to help debugging CWA, but the functionality just doesn’t work. Additionally, current (v7.1.1) and former SDK versions do not describe CWA debugging procedure with the PRT,...
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Debugging Workflow Custom Activities with Plugin Registration Tool

Friday, March 8, 2013

I have been using the Plugin Registration Tool to debug Plugins for sometime now and it has turned out to be a real time saver as it let’s you run and debug your code without having to trigger application events. This shortens debug cycles and allows Plugins debugging by multiple developers simultaneously without halting the W3WP process. I have just found out the Plugin Registration Tool can also help debug Custom Workflow Activities as well. Since this feature is currently not documented in the SDK or any other official literature, this post will guide you through. ...