Drag & Drop File Upload Revisited

October 18, 2018

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Finally found the time for overdue maintenance on the Drag & Drop solution I created two years ago.

Why revisit?

First of all, as the CodePlex platform, previous home of this solution, is being decommissioned, downloading the component got the whole CodePlex project and few visitors commented that they could not find the actual solution.
So now you can download an unmanaged solution from it’s  new home @ Github.

Second, I fixed a major bug related to the plural name of some entities.
For most entities, appending ‘s’ to the entity schema name would result in the matching entity name for Web API. Some entities, like opportunity, do not match this pattern.

Third, I wanted to update the Web API version to 9.0 and to make sure the solution works with Dynamics 365 Online current version.

Drag and Drop demo

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