Microsoft Dynamics CRM On Edge

July 29, 2015

I don’t usually blog about these topics, but I feel Windows 10 and the Edge browser justify it. Also, I need a little break from the ABP related posts. Just upgraded my old laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Enterprise. In the past, I have decided to skip Windows 8 altogether because it  made me feel like a fish out of the water and an unproductive one at it. Windows 10 feels right to me. It upgraded smoothly in about 1 hour and It runs great on my weak (3GB RAM, 2.4GHz dual core) laptop. The UX is very friendly and...

Asynchronous Batch Process Solution Revisited – part 2

July 26, 2015

In my previous post, I described some of the Asynchronous Batch Process Solution (ABP) version 2 internals. In the next posts, I would like to go through different business scenarios and explain how to use the ABP solution, step by step. Prerequisites 1. Download the Asynchronous Batch Process Solution, import into Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 on-premise/Online organization 2. Go to Settings – > Solutions and Open the ABP solution. Go to the Batch Process entity definition and check the Settings checkbox in the ‘Areas that display this entity’ section 3. Save and publish the solution As always, I advise against publishing any external solution...
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Asynchronous Batch Process Solution Revisited – part 1

July 19, 2015

I had some free time and decided to review the Asynchronous Batch Process Pattern Solution. On January 2013 I promised to publish a revised version and didn’t manage to do so. To redeem myself, I have decided to publish this version on CodePlex, so it can be customized by anyone who needs to. If you don’t know what ABPP is all about and what’s in it for you, I suggest you start here. In the first part of this post I’ll describe the new features, architecture considerations and implementation details. In the next part, I’ll walkthrough the different scenarios and use...

Color Your Entity

July 6, 2015

I have noticed a new attribute named ‘Color’ in the new entity form (Online, 2015 RU 0.1). It is not documented in the online help yet, but guessing this attribute purpose is not difficult: customize the entity panel color in the navigation menu for custom and existing (OOTB) entities. Nice! The Color attribute input text length is limited to 7 characters, to match a color Hex code such as #FF6600 (Orange). Setting a Hex code will let you preview the represented color in the preview box beside the attribute text box. You can find any color Hex code...
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