Debugging Server Side Components with ReAttach

April 13, 2015

Whether you are using the Plugin Registration Tool or Attach to server process technique to debug Plugin or Custom Workflow Activity components, you probably waste a LOT of time on the Attach To Process procedure in Visual Studio:

1. Click Debug menu
2. Click Attach To Process… menu option
3. Find the target process in the processes list
4. Click Attach

Preform this procedure over and over again for every debug iteration…not only this procedure is time consuming, it also takes your mental focus off the debugging process.

Attach To Process


I recently discovered the ReAttach extension for Visual Studio, which allows you to re-attach Visual Studio debugger to the last process it was attached to in one click of a button or a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+R, Ctrl+A).
You can also select from a list of recently attached processes.



This a MAJOR productivity boost and it’s free. Give it a whirl, you won’t go back.

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one comment

  1. Bernado Nguyen-HoanApril 14, 2015 ב 2:01 AM

    I have also developed a VS extension that attaches specifically to the Async and CRM IIS app pool processes. It also does other things such as deploying assembly changes, PDB files and web resources.