In this 3-parts post I would like to suggest a general approach and solution for logging and handling exceptions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 implementations.

By exceptions, I don’t mean Microsoft Dynamics CRM product core exceptions which occur from time to time. These are logged by various designated repositories (such as Event Viewer and CRM Trace) and beyond our reach anyway, certainly in Online deployments. I do mean unexpected events that arise from custom code written in both server and client side in most Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 implementations. These events are usually related to poorly written code, unexpected customization changes or external resources that are beyond your control.

Here are some examples for such exceptions:

Why is it important to log and handle such exceptions? Here are some of the reasons:

Unfortunately, exceptions are part of any business application and cannot be completely avoided. The purpose of the suggested approach is to improve exception handling experience.

So, here is the business problem. In the next post I will describe the suggested solution approach, while the third post will discuss the actual implementation details.

Stay tuned.

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