Working on Microsoft Dynamics CRM with different users simultaneously

February 8, 2013


In some scenarios, it is required to log in to Microsoft Dynamics CRM using different users simultaneously, usually to test Security Roles and privileges related issues. In these scenarios, we need one session logged in as a System Administrator, who can edit Security Roles and another session logged in as a common user to test Security Role changes effect.

Modern browsers in general and IE specifically maintain the user identity between windows/tabs and makes the task of logging in as different user a little pesky.

In IE browsers, this problem can be solved using the InPrivate Browsing. This feature allows opening a new IE window which is unaware to other IE windows/tabs cached identity and therefor allows logging in as a different user. 

In order to open an InPrivate Browsing window, right click the IE item in the Taskbar and select Start InPrivate Browsing.

InPrivate browsing

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  1. Larry McCoyFebruary 9, 2013 ב 12:44 PM

    You can also create a new session in IE (File | New Session) and log in with the new credentials. This assumes that you have set up your browser settings to prompt for credentials. This is done in the “Internet Options” dialog on the security tab. Edit the “Custom Level..” for the zone that is appropriate for the CRM site to which you are connecting. In the “User Authentication” section (at the very bottom), change the Logon to “Prompt for user name and password”.

  2. Larry McCoyJuly 19, 2013 ב 5:10 PM

    Another way to do this is to use of the “runas” command. This technique does not require the IE security settings that I mentioned in my previous comment. The key for this to work is the “/netonly” switch. We have 30 different test users that we use for system validation, and we create Shortcuts to the following command:

    C:\Windows\System32\runas.exe /netonly /user:YourDomain\YourUser “C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe -nomerge YourCrmServerUrl”