December 2012 Service Update features two new interesting capabilities:

These capabilities allow important improvements to the Asynchronous Batch Process Pattern solution described here.

So what’s new?

The lack of Custom Activities support in Online deployment required the usage of a Plugin component to perform the Target Records query and implementing the Action Workflow to each result record.  
With December 2012 Service Update Custom Activities support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, a Custom Activity can now replace the Plugin component. This implementation renders the Asynchronous Batch Process Pattern solution simple and robust. 

The new ExecuteMultipleRequest class allows sending a bulk of requests to the Organization service in one request, instead of a stream of separate requests. This feature is now used in the Asynchronous Batch Process Pattern solution In order to apply the Action Workflow Rule to multiple Target Records in a single request and to improve the solution’s performance. 

I will make the new and improved solution available for download soon.


Process algorithm

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