Reviving Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Activities using Process

December 31, 2012

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 UI does not enable users to reactivate Activities. Once an activity such as Task is completed, it can not be re-opened, although users may add notes and attachments to it.

I can think of a business scenario in which a user is required to reactivate a Task. Maybe it is incomplete although reported as completed, or maybe reported completed by mistake.

In this scenario, a Process can be used as Processes can change completed Task state from ‘Completed’ to ‘Open‘. You can set a manual Workflow rule to do just that.

Task change State Workflow

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one comment

  1. Silverlight DevelopmentJanuary 2, 2013 ב 1:41 AM

    Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM-2011, users are not enable to revive the activities. So it can be done using workflow processes.