Relationship Behaviors – Reparent?

November 12, 2012

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I have been instructing Microsoft Dynamics CRM courses for over 4 years now, including customization concepts.
One of the basic relationships concepts is Relationship Behaviors which defines automatic behavior when actions such as Assign, Share, Merge, Delete and Reparent occur. I am quite embarrassed to admit that until recently, I wasn’t really clear on the Reparent action.
How did I manage to avoid students questions regarding the Reparent action meaning? I am guessing lunch did it magic and my students were to sleepy to get specific with me.

So what does the Reparent action mean?
While other actions, such as assign and share, define what happens to related records when action is applied to the parent record, the Reparent action defines what happens to the parent record when an action is applied to the related record. This is similar to the Share action, but in the other direction.

Here is an example:

Spongebob is the owner of an Account called ‘Weenie Hut’ which has one related Opportunity, also owned by Spongebob. His security roll allows him to Read Opportunity records which he owns or were shared with him (User access level).
When Squidward, who owned a different opportunity, changes the Parent Account attribute value to point to the ‘Weenie Hut’ (Reparent Action), Spongebob receives a permission for Squidward’s Opportunity, although he does not own it.
So now, when viewing the ‘Weenie Hut’ opportunities, Spongebob can see both his and Squidward’s Opportunities.

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one comment

  1. PrabaharanJuly 13, 2017 ב 1:10 PM

    Thank you very much for a great explanation.