Microsoft CRM 2011 Timeouts and Limits

August 31, 2012

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One of my colleagues has pointed out this article, describing Microsoft CRM 2011 Timeouts and Limits.  At last, this useful info is concentrated in one clear resource. It should appear in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 SDK.

To help propagate  this information, here it is again:




  • Fetch Aggregate Limit
  • Query Result Limit
  • Infinite Loop Detector
  • Duplicate Detection Rules
    • Default is 5 published rules per entity
  • Excel Export
  • Managed Solutions
    • you cannot change your publisher if you share an updated version of a previous solution you´ve deployed under another publisher (so keep in mind your prefix)
    • you cannot start auditing for any of your entities just by providing them within a managed solution
    • you cannot set the default dashboard by providing a managed solution
    • you cannot set the default public view by providing a managed solution
  • Data Import
    • CRM 2011 Online: single file must be less than 8MB
    • you can zip many files to one .zip-file. This file has to be less than 32MB
    • when you upload the zip file, CRM 2011 unzips it on server and process the files individually. Because of the 8MB limit if any single file is greatet then 8MB limit this file will fail
  • Sub-Grid
    • The first four sub-grids can be populated with data in a form when it loads
    • If more than four sub-grids exist on a form, the remaining sub-grids require some user or form script action to retrieve data
  • Outlook Reading Pane
    • Form events do not occur in the reading pane so form script event handlers are never called
    • If you are using multiple forms for an entity, only the default entity form will be used for the reading pane
    • The reading pane does not display IFrames, Subgrids or Web Resources
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