Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Auto Complete

July 20, 2012

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Microsoft Dynamics 2011 CRM Auto Complete

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has some useful auto complete features for Option Sets (pick lists) and Lookup fields:

Option Set Field

  • User can type the first letter of the required option and get the first option starting with this letter without opening the list
  • Typing the letter again will get the next option starting with this letter
  • Typing the first two (or more) letters of the the required option will get the first option starting with these letters


Lookup Field

  • Lookup field ‘remembers’ the user most recently selected value. It displays this value when users starts typing, without moving the focus from the field


  • Lookup field initiate the auto complete search only when the user move the focus away from the field
  • System Administrator can define Quick Find search fields (see post). In 2011, these search fields apply to the Lookup fields as well. If the Contact email field is defined as a search field, users can type and email address in Lookup field for Contact and records with matching email address will be displayed
  • The System Administrator can disable the Auto Complete and Recently Used Items features for a specific Lookup field

              Turn off auto complete

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