Import Data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 – Using Import Template

July 20, 2012

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Import Data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 – Using Import Template

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 simplifies the data import process using the Import Template. Using the Import Template allows users the skip the attributes mapping process, as the template contains the application attribute names and automatically identifies the imported entity.

To download the the Import Template go the grid for the target entity, click the Import Data button sub menu and select ‘Download Template for Import’. After opening the downloaded file in Excel, notice all of the Entity attributes are represented as columns with the attributes display name. 

Once you have completed filling the template with data, make sure you remove all empty columns from the Excel sheet, to improve the importing process efficiency.

To import back the file with data, click the Import Data option and follow the wizard instructions. Notice that the wizard Identifies the imported entity automatically and skips the attributes mapping stage.


Donload Import Template

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