Master-Detail Page in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

September 11, 2010

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Master-Detail Page in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

In some scenarios, you want to display a CRM grid on one side of the page and when user selects a record from the grid, show this records details on another part of the same page. This can be useful when users want to go fast through many records, without opening a new window for each record.

This solution I suggest here is totally unsupported, so use it responsibly.

The solution is completely client side based includes two .htm pages:

  1. MasterDetailView.htm – This page basically includes two iframe controls, one to display the master records grid and the other to display each record details. This page also includes code to handle any master record select action by displaying the selected record form in the detail area.
  2. MasterView.htm – This page retrieve an Advanced Find view as the master records grid. This example fetches Active Accounts, but you can change the FetchXML to retrieve any other data

The two pages should be be placed in a directory which is mapped to a virtual directory in the IIS, and then can be addressed from the ISV.config file.

Here is how the final result looks like:

Accounts Masrer Detai view 

I leave it to you to add some code to remove the grid white margins.

The sample code can be downloaded here.

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