Assigning old Tasks to Opportunity new owner

March 4, 2009

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In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, when a user assigns an Opportunity (or any other entity for that matter) to another user the ownership for the Opportunity automatically changes and map to the new owner.
The opportunity related activities however, do not change ownership and stay under the Opportunity previous owner. This situation can be inconvenient as the new Opportunity owner does not see these activities in his own activities lists and the previous Opportunity owner does. Now we all know he only reason he assigned this Opportunity to another user is to get rid of those tasks…

So, how can we help those two? Using the workflow engine we can.

The following Workflow rule demonstrates how to to just that. The rule is operating on the Task entity but can be applied to any other Activity or regarding entities such as Accounts, Contacts, etc. It waits until the Task owner is different from the regarding Opportunity owner (which happens when the regarding Opportunity is assigned to another user). When this event is raised, the rule assigns the related Task to the Opportunity new owner.


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