Correcting a wrong career move

Monday, September 19, 2016

This post is a little off topic but nevertheless, it may contain some useful information for developers who wish to learn from other's mistakes. About a year ago, after many interviews and job search I was on the verge of finally decide which job offer to take. I had a few offers back then, and I finally decided, to take the wrong one. I've started to work at a company which its product looked great to me as a developer because it could have been very challenging, however it appeared after a few month, that I don't fit this company as well...
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Slides and demos from angularJs migration session.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Yesterday, I've had the honour and pleasure of speaking at Front-End.IL meetup   about angularJs code migration from angular 1.x to angular 2.0. I want to thank all attendees for their participation and feedbacks. The code presented on this meetup can be found here and the slides may be watched here Thanks again for your participation, I hope to see you soon in other meetup sessions.  
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(Update) Finding current URL with Angular 2.0 Routing

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Previously I’ve posted about finding current URL with Angular 2.0 Routing which was suitable for rc-1. On Angular 2.0 rc-3, the angular router (alpha 3.0.0) has been added to the repository with much easierAPI for getting the current URL. Let’s have a look at the following code (Typescript) 1: constructor(private _router:Router){ 2: 3: } 4:  5: ngOnInit():any { 6: this._router.subscribe(event => { 7:...
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Slides and demo codes from WDCIL meetup

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Yesterday I’ve had the honor of speaking at WDC-IL neetup about async patterns in javascript. I wish to thank all attendees and WDC-IL for having me.   All demos presented on the meetup are available here You may view the slides here:  
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Angular 2.0 Http client quick tip for firefox

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

  When getting HTTP response from a REST API using Angular 2.0 HTTP client you will probably won’t mess around with your request headers. You’ll probably count on the service to return a JSON formatted response,  subscribeto this response and go ahead using it’s .json()  method which will use JSON.parse of your browser API.   However, while this solution works fine using chrome,  Firefox behave differently. While in chrome, the HTTP Accept headers will be */* , on Firefox it will put text/html,application/xhtml+xmlwhich basically will cause your server side to return its response in XML form.   Therefore...
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Finding current URL with Angular 2.0 Routing

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

  For an application built with AngularJs 2.0 (rc1) I wanted to do one simple thing: To highlightthe current active navigation  bar item. However, I’ve had to do it with the new angular router, the one that currently lacks documentation. So after a few searches online and digging through the router object I’ve reached the solution I want to share.   Let’s start with the solution itself: (Taken from the application’s entry component) 1: constructor(private router:Router){ 2: router.changes.subscribe(route =>{ 3: ...

Angular 1.x–Finding error in module using small recursion

Monday, April 25, 2016

Recently, to have an application angular 2.0 ready I’ve divided an angular 1.5 application to small modules. Of course this process wasn’t a straight forward one, however finding where there is a missing or error module was critical, otherwise I’ll get an error message on the main module I have a little to do with. Therefore, I’ve built a small recursive function, using the module.requires array property (available from v1.2) , which I want to share: 1: function getModule(moduleName){ 2: console.log('Getting module ' + moduleName); 3: var...
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JSON.tryParse with Promise

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

JSON.parse is a method you must have used one or twice. And you must remember that it raises exception, as almost every parsing string in case the string comes in a wrong format. So, how about having a function that returns promise, so you can safely parse JSON's  and receive its result on the promise's "then" method. Here's some small code example: JSON.tryParse('{"a" : 1}').then(function(result) { //do something with the result }, function(error) { //do something with the error }); And here's the link to its gist:
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Reading GPS data using exif-Js

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Reading GPS data using exif-Js   Recently I was asked to get location data (latitude & longitude) from an image file. So I’m here to share with you exif-js library  which I came across with so I can easily read location data from an image file. EXIF stands fro Exchangeable Image file Format which is the standard for image files enables as to extract meta data from the image along with the image itself.Some of the meta data relates to the location the image was taken, assuming that it was taken with a GPS  or another location tracking...

My AngularJs workshop at Sela’s SDP

Monday, December 29, 2014

Yesterday, I delivered a full day workshop about angularJs . I wish to thank all attendees. You may view the presentation here Demo code + server side components can be downloaded here The presentation was based on Sela’s former workshop made my Moshe Levyand contained few updates.
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