Angular 1.x–Finding error in module using small recursion

25 בApril 2016

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Recently, to have an application angular 2.0 ready I’ve divided an angular 1.5 application
to small modules.

Of course this process wasn’t a straight forward one, however finding where there is a missing or
error module was critical, otherwise I’ll get an error message on the main module I have a little to do with.

Therefore, I’ve built a small recursive function, using the module.requires array property (available from v1.2)
, which I want to share:

   1: function getModule(moduleName){ 

   2:  console.log('Getting module ' + moduleName);

   3:  var module = angular.module(moduleName);

   4:  if (!module) {

   5:     consoile.error('Module ' + moduleName + ' was not found');

   6:     return;

   7: }

   8:  for (var i = 0; i < module.requires.length; i++){

   9:      getModule(module.requires[i]);

  10: }

  11: }

This  function goes recursively in the modules tree and prints to the error console of the module it can’t get.

It is also available on the following gist:


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one comment

  1. איציק עגם26 בApril 2016 ב 22:30

    רן, אחלה כתבה
    תודה רבה וחג שמח!