Self Hosting SignalR

20 בJanuary 2013

Self Hosting SignalR SignalR, as shown in the earlier posts, can be hosted within a regular ASP.NET application (in other words, on IIS), but can also be self-hosted. You may want to do so if you don’t want the SignalR hosting machine to have IIS installed. In this post I’ll show a simple way of doing so with a console application. It won’t be much different with windows service and I’ll explain how to do it there as well.   ...

Sela Developer Practice

14 בJanuary 2013

    Sela  SDP conference, the biggest one yet, will be held May 5-9, 2013.   This conference includes 5 conference days, 3 days of full tutorial workshops, and 2 days of breakout sessions. In this conference you’ll also have the chance to meet with some international experts You can check out our list of sessions and speakers . I will speak there about SignalR , new and exciting ASP.NET project I’ve recently posted about. Our last...
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