My Sessions at the MobiWeb Conference

December 16, 2011

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The MobiWeb Conference is scheduled for the 15-17 of January in the Daniel Hotel in Hertzliya (Israel). The sessions in the conference are “one day seminars”, each seminar covering some topic related to web development, mobile development, or both.

I’ll be presenting two seminars at the conference. The fist, “Building Windows Phone 7 Apps with Silverlight” (on the 16th) will cover the development for the (relatively new) Windows Phone platform using Silverlight (and maybe some XNA if we have time). Anyone looking into developing applications for this exciting and capable platform should get a good head start by attending this seminar. Basic familiarity with Silverlight will be beneficial, although I’ll go over the basics fairly quickly.

The second seminar I’ll be presenting is “Silverlight 5.0 Workshop” (on the 17th). This seminar will cover Silverlight development, from the basics, quickly moving to more advanced topics. It is intended for those who don’t know Silverlight, or have some basic familiarity with it. This can serve as a basis for general Silverlight development, or more specifically, for Windows Phone (it might make more sense to switch the seminar dates, so someone without any background in Silverlight or Windows Phone could follow up from Silverlight to Windows Phone sequentially; I’m looking into it). The seminar will also discuss some of the new features introduced in Silverlight 5.

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Maybe I’ll see you there!

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