Changing Console Fonts

July 23, 2009

The other day I created a Console application and changed some colors and sizes. Then I needed to change the font (programmatically). I looked at the System.Console class – nothing. Maybe they just forgot to wrap it up, I thought, and turned to the Win32 API functions for the Console. Guess what? Nothing. Well, almost nothing. There’s a new function (starting with Vista) called SetCurrentConsoleFontEx, but it’s almost useless. It requires a console font index (which is supposed to be from a console font table, which no documented API reveals), and it doesn’t seem to work quite as expected....

Microsoft HPC Server 2008 and Parallel Techniques

July 15, 2009

The multi-core mini-revolution signalled the rise of multithreading techniques being discussed more vigorously, as the exploitation of multiple cores is no longer the reach of a few individuals, but is as common as the computer itself. Another way to get performance scalability is simply to use multiple machines, running some application or parts of it at the same time, hopefully distributing the workload appropriately and communicating if and as required to get the final result. Combining the two techniques (multiple cores and multiple machines) can be even more powerful. I have been recently introduced to the Microsoft...

Using Embedded Fonts in WPF from a Controls Library

July 11, 2009

I stumbled upon a thorny issue of using custom fonts (that are not installed on the user’s system) in a WPF application. Using such a custom font is not too difficult when the font is added as a resource to an EXE, but is more difficult to use when it’s in a referenced assembly. The whole thing is based on the pack URI syntax (which is not too intuitive, but one can get used to it). With an EXE, the font is accessed as a “local” resource. For example, if I add a font, myfont.ttf, I can select...
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I Don’t like “Aero”, but I want thumbnail previews

July 6, 2009

I don’t like the “Aero” themes in Vista/Windows 7. I tried. I really did. I decided to work for several days with Aero and it was uncomfortable – and it has nothing to do with video card performance. It’s distracting. I simply don’t like it. I guess I’m entitled to my opinion. But if I don’t use Aero I don’t get thumbnail previews and other goodies. Why is that? I asked around and didn’t get a satisfying answer. The most common was “you must move on to the modern style”. Modern? I think not. There is no...