Cache Locality For Performance

June 22, 2009

It is a well known fact that accessing the CPU cache is faster than accessing physical RAM, but how do you ensure, or at least target the CPU cache? Does it actually gain a performance boost that is significant? Here’s a relatively simple example to test this idea: matrix multiplication. To multiply two matrices together (let’s assume for simplicity sake that these are square matrices), you need to do some summations and multiplications to get the result of a single cell in the output matrix. Here’s a simple native implementation: static double NativeMultiply(double a,...

XNA Game Studio 3.1 Released

June 15, 2009

For all those of you programming games with XNA game studio (and those that don’t but would like to), a new version has been released and can be downloaded here. New features / enhancements include (partial list): Ability to play video files (including full screen and as a texture) New avatar support Audio improvements: new XACT 3 tool; SoundEffect.Play now returns true/false (and not SoundEffectInstance that needs to be maintained). The SoundEffect object will be GCed automatically after play is done. More… read the docs...
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