I’m an MVP!

April 1, 2009


Just got a nice e-mail from Microsoft, announcing me as an MVP!

I guess it feels somewhat like winning the Golden Globe award. I’ll probably won’t get the Hollywood award type any time soon, but I can act like it and thank practically everyone I ever known.

But, seriously, I would like to thank Guy Burstein who recommended me for the title and anyone else at Microsoft who may have pinched in a good word. Thank you all!

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  1. Maor David-PurApril 2, 2009 ב 01:03

    Congratulation! you deserve it.

  2. pavelyApril 2, 2009 ב 09:06

    Thank you all for the congrats.
    I failed to mention it, but of course, I will not be lying idle by from now on and just savor the moment.
    I will continue to contribute to the community to the best of my abilities.

  3. Guy BursteinApril 2, 2009 ב 09:35

    Well deserved!

  4. Dima StopelApril 5, 2009 ב 21:22

    Congratulations! You really deserve it!

  5. David LeviMay 3, 2009 ב 14:00

    This is a Congratulations from and old army friend.
    I just receive email from Microsoft and i was happy to see your name there.

    Live Long and Prosper