New Version of SOSEX published

March 9, 2009

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For all those WinDbg + SOS/SOSEX lovers, a new version of SOSEX was published, which includes some new commands and enhancements to existing ones. Here’s a brief description of each command. More info can be found in the readme file and using !help <command> inside WinDbg.

dlk       (no parameters)                                   Displays sync block deadlocks
dumpgen   <GenNum> [-free] [-stat] [-type <TYPE_NAME>]      Dumps the contents of the specified generation
gcgen     <ObjectAddr>                                      Displays the GC generation of the specified object
mbc       <Managed breakpoint ID | *>                       Clears the specified or all managed breakpoints
mbd       <Managed breakpoint ID | *>                       Disables the specified or all managed breakpoints
mbe       <Managed breakpoint ID | *>                       Enables the specified or all managed breakpoints
mbl       (no parameters)                                   Lists all managed breakpoints
mbm       <strTypeAndMethodFilter> [intILOffset] [Options]  Sets a managed breakpoint on methods matching the specified filter
mbp       <strSourceFile> <nLineNum> [nColumNum> [Options]  Sets a managed breakpoint at the specified source code location
mdt       [strTypeName | strVarName | MT] [ADDR] [-r]       Displays the contents of an object or type, optionally recursively
mdv       [-w]                                              Displays arguments and parameters for managed frames
mframe    [nFrameNum]                                       Displays or sets the current managed frame for the !mdt and !mdv commands
mk        [nFrameCount]                                     Prints a stack trace of managed and unmanaged frames
mln       <address expression>                              Displays the type of managed data located at the specified address, if any
mx        <Filter String>                                   Displays managed type/field/method names matching the specified filter string
refs      <ObjectAddr>                                      Displays all references from and to the specified object
sosexhelp [CommandName]                                     Display this screen or details about the specified command
strings   [Options]                                         Lists all strings on managed heaps that match the specified criteria

Let the debugging begin!

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