Virtual Memory Map Viewer

November 27, 2008

Some of you old folks may recall a small tool called “Pwalk” (process walk), that showed the memory map of a running process. As the tool is hard to come by and is generally old, I decided to create a new one (maybe there’s something else like this out there). This is the first version – very basic, but gets the job done. It supports sorting by any column. I intend to add memory viewing capabilities, process heaps information and allocations in the future. Here’s a screen shot and the executable (no need to install. This is a 32...

ROT Object Invisible When Hosted in a Service

November 11, 2008

This will not interest any .NET developers… One of my customers wanted to create a system-wide singleton COM object hosted in a Windows service. However, the object implementation must be in a DLL. The service should start and create an instance of the object and make it available from other client processes. A simple approach would be to use the RegisterActiveObject function to register that instance as the class moniker of its kind. A client can get a proxy to the same instance by using GetActiveObject. Simple, right? Almost. If the service is run as a service...
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Developer Academy 3

November 9, 2008

Developer Academy 3 is just around the corner, on December 15th at Airport city. I will be doing a session entitled “Hardcore C#”… I will talk about many features of the language (C# 2 & 3) including (but not limited to) anonymous delegates & lambdas, extension methods, elegant iterators, partial classes & methods, using & IDisposable, dynamic delegates and more. Here’s a link to all sessions.

PDC Report: Day 4 and Summary

November 3, 2008

PDC is over. Getting back to reality…and work. Plenty of work… Now that I’ve recovered somewhat from the Jet lag, my report continues. I started the 4th day (finally no keynote) with “Windows 7: Web services in native code”. A new library installed on Windows 7 (and will be available for Vista as well) allows creating and consuming web services (including using WSE) with native C. I have to say I’m disappointed the API is not C++ or COM, but ugly C. The creation of proxies from WSDL creates very ugly wrappers. It could have been nicer....
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