WCF Performance Using Datasets – Part 2

Saturday, July 23, 2011

start with reading WCF Performance Using Datasets – Part 1. Can it be ? I asked this question over and over – because WCF is clearly faster (see Eyal Vardi comment in part 1). I tried several Binding options including some custom binding , I asked some people to look at my code and up to now no one has manage to contradict my benchmark. I invite each one of you to try (write you own tester) my contract is simple: public interface IPerfService { DataSet LoadDataSet(DataSet...
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T3 Service Studio – The ultimate tool for testing your web services and WCF services

Monday, November 10, 2008

Hi During my work I developed many web services and now WCF services, I encountered a very useful tool called Web Service studio which allows invoking web method without writing any code - gives the ability to test web service without any client code. The tool was great but far from perfect: I encountered some bugs, the UI was in my opinion not as clear and comfortable as it could be and the main problem was not supporting WCF. So me and my friends: Ami Yolovich and Anat Katz started developing in our spare time our own web service studio - we...

Automatic updating web reference .NET

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hi all In this post I'll discuss the problems and solutions regarding an assembly or web site containing a web reference (using a web service) to a web service that had its schema modified and updating web reference is needed. The Problem You have an assembly or web site containing a Web Reference and the web service schema is modified. The possible modification result will be: Runtime error - calling to a web method that it's prototype changed or the web method has been removed. No Error just empty result - one of the parameter names is modified (even only upper to lower...